AI Day 2024 | AI for a brighter future 💜


AI as a tool for successful businesses and sustainable solutions.

Welcome to AI Day 2024, where we dive into the theme “AI for a Brighter Future.” Throughout the day, you’ll gain valuable insights from companies that have successfully implemented AI solutions – showcasing both technical approaches, what it meant for their business and their impact on creating a sustainable world.

Additionally, you’ll have the chance to listen to presentations by esteemed researchers from Jönköping University, sharing their most recent research on the topic. Join us to discover how AI can drive a more sustainable future and prosperous business.

Featured speakers

(more to be announced soon)

Evelina Anttila

Evelina Anttila is a prominent investor, entrepreneur, and former lawyer with a strong track record in AI development, gender equality in business, and the social responsibility of capital. As CEO of Wellstreet, she leads investments in early-stage tech companies. Evelina previously contributed to the success of AI company Peltarion and co-founded the legal tech company Justic. She also serves as an advisor to AI Sweden and holds several board positions.

💡 During AI Day, Evelina will explain why investors see the importance of investing in the future and in companies that address societal challenges.

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Erik Hallin

🌍 The problem: Increased carbon emissions from the manufacturing industry.
💡 The solution:  AI and simulation techniques that reduce carbon emissions from steel manufacturing.

Uddeholms AB, a company from Värmland founded in 1668, specializes in producing high-quality tool steel for various industries. Known for its innovation and high standards in material technology, Uddeholm delivers products globally. In its journey towards fossil-free production by 2030, Uddeholm initiated a data science and AI initiative in 2016 to integrate new technology into its sustainability efforts. This initiative has led to significant results across various operations, which Erik Hallin, Head of Data Analytics & AI, will discuss further.

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Andreas Hall
Helsingborg Stad

🌍 The problem: Slow and expensive inventory of street network affecting traffic safety, and leading to inefficient use of resources.

💡 The solution: AI-based evaluation of damages on paving and traffic signs, detecting cracks, potholes, patches and iron plates. 

Helsingborg Stad are using an AI-technology in (almost) regular smart phones mounted as dashcams in garbage trucks. Those vehicles covers almost around 95% of the road network that the city is responsible to maintain. Installed on the phones used are an AI-app that, on-the-fly, makes an evaluation of the damage level on the paving. We detect cracks, potholes, patches and iron plates. They detect traffic signs to see if they are damaged, or if they are occluded, if they are littered or having bad reflection and also if we have a mismatch against NVDB.

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Ewe Larsson och Sophia Alexandersson
Sharemusic & Performing Arts

🌏 The problem: Inequality and exclusion of disabled individuals in society. 

💡 The solution: AI and ML techniques, trained to interpret signals from individual performers.

Sharemusic and Performing Art addresses the issues of inequality, with a particular focus on including people with disabilities in society. Their goal is to use AI and machine learning to interpret signals from individual performers, enabling people with disabilities to both create and co-create in music and performing arts.

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More speakers to be announced soon
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Petrus Ekbladh
Business Developer AI, Science Park

Anette Johansson
Assistant Professor in Work Organization, Jönköping University

Practical information

When: October 1st at 13:00-17:00
 Science Park Towers, Jönköping 
Ticket price:
499kr/person ex. VAT 
Language: The entire AI Day will be held in English 🇬🇧
Who is it for? This event is for anyone interested in learning how AI is currently being applied in businesses and for those who want to meet and network with the entire AI community of Region Jönköping.

You can register until September 24th. You will receive a receipt for your ticket purchase via email shortly after the transaction. If you register but are unable to attend, please remember to cancel at least 24 hours before the event starts.

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