23 April 17:00-19:00Science Park Towers

AW theme of the evening: Impact through AI

On April 23, it's finally time for Open AI AW again – an evening for you who loves AI and wants to network with other AI enthusiasts in the Science Park's AI community.

What can you expect?

  • An open AI forum with a focus on discussion and networking
  • A brief inspirational/knowledge session on AI as part of sustainable business models
  • A unique opportunity to network, share your insights, and learn from both enthusiasts and experts in AI.

AI learning session:

Markus Drugge
CEO Arboair

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Erik Roos
3D-konstnär, Arboair

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Emilia Sundberg
Business developer and Sustainability officer, Science Park

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Arboair - The AI startup revolutionizing forestry for a sustainable future

By combining AI with high-resolution images from drones and satellites, Arboair specializes in early detection and analysis of damages and diseases in forests. This innovative technology enables more efficient and precise monitoring of forest conditions, facilitating early actions against pests and diseases. In this way, Arboair contributes to reducing the loss of forest assets and promotes a more sustainable management of the world's forests.

During AI AW, Markus Drugge and Erik Roos will share more about the business and strategy behind the company, as well as the keys to the successful implementation of AI in their operations.

Emilia Sundberg - Sustainability Officer at Science Park and Business Developer in the Incubator Program

What role does AI play in the development of a sustainable society in the future? Why is AI a key factor for the innovations and impact companies of the future? Emilia will share more on this at AI AW!

Practical information

When: April 23rd, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

 Science Park Towers, Framgången 1, Jönköping


We've got you covered with food and one non-alcoholic drink. Fancy something else? The bar's open for orders.

Who's it for:
This event is for anyone in - or looking to join - the local AI community, from experienced pros to curious newcomers.

RSVP by April 21st at latest. If you've signed up but can't make it anymore, make sure to let us know at least 24 hours before the event starts. In case of no-show or late cancellation, a fee of 500 SEK will be charged.

Got questions about the event?

Simon Sleman
Get in touch at simon.sleman@sciencepark.se.

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This event is organized as part of the AI Readiness project